Friday, September 13, 2019

Farm Week

Our second week of Pre-K went well! 

This week at school we were learning more about friends and school rules. We also learned about farm animals. We learned some farm songs, we voted for our favorite farm animal, we read farm books, and we had some farm animal treats. 

The students have had fun with the farm toys in the classroom. The girls are going for a ride!

We made muddy pig crafts. 

We had a muddy (chocolate pudding) treat after we learned about how pigs use mud to cool off. 

We played a math game with our toy pigs to practice shapes. 

We learned to use the rhythm sticks this week. We'll practice rhythms this year. 

It's so sweet to watch friends teaching each other how to write and draw things. 

We learned more about our 5 senses during our small group science lesson. 

We touched and smelled scented pine cones. 

We listened to the 'crack' as we broke crackers. 

We used all 5 senses with marshmallows. 

We learned about triangles and cut out and decorated our own triangle. We're learning to use scissors at school. 

We did brown paintings at the easel. Some friends made brown monsters, brown circles, and brown barns. 

Brown is our color of the week so we made brown triangles! 

We've been having a lot of fun playing in the gym. It's so nice to see the children making friends and playing together! 

We've had great teamwork at school this week. These friends worked together to make a tall peg tower. 

The children are making friends, working together, and sharing lots of laughs! 

Monday, September 9, 2019

First Week of School 2019-2020

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten this year! 

We had a great first week back at school. We practiced school routines, made new friends, and played a lot! Here are some pictures from the week; we hope you enjoy seeing what the preschoolers have been doing at school. 

Mrs. Strohschein's Class: 

We learned about circles and made circle bracelets with Fruit Loops. We even got to eat a few Fruit Loops - yummy! 

The preschoolers have been making friends and enjoy playing together. 

The friends have been practicing cutting and gluing at school. 

We enjoyed playing with playdough! 

We had a special visitor come to our classroom: Pastor Moss! 

We've been doing a lot of building! 


We've had a lot of fun this week!

We decorated circles while practicing our cutting and gluing skills. 

It's fun to make new friends! 

We've been talking about school rules like raising our hand at circle time. We've been practicing!

 We learned about squares and worked with a team to make the biggest square line. The lines were so long!

What a great week!
Check back next week to see more pictures of the fun we're having at school.