Friday, November 2, 2018

It's November!


Color: Orange (Mrs. Strohschein's class)

Letter: Ff

Martin Luther
Baby Moses 

Halloween, Scarecrows, Spiders (Mrs. Strohschein's class)
Pilgrims and Native Americans (Mrs. Koosman's class)
We had fun making the Mayflower ship with our hands. 

 Making some pretty jewelry with the legos.
 We love to build.

 Nice job working together on building a tower.

 Silly jack-o-lantern.

 Coloring pictures of turkeys.

Playing a fun turkey game. Roll the dice and color the turkey with the correct number.

Mrs. Strohschein's Class

We made scarecrows out of playdough. "Hey, you crows, you better get out!"

Making jack-o-lantern faces for Halloween!

Practicing our numbers with candy corn

Making pictures to decorate for Halloween. We are so excited for Halloween!

We made scarecrows!

We're learning our letters at school! F is the letter of the week. 

We painted spider webs so we can catch some bugs! 

Putting on a puppet show for the friends. What fun!

Ocean Week


Color: Purple (Mrs. Strohschein) 

Letter: Ee

Bible Stories:
Joseph Rules in Egypt
Joseph is reunited with his brothers

Theme: Ocean

We learned so much about the ocean this week. 
We enjoyed going to Sea Life on Friday with our 3 day and 5 day classes!

 The sand feels so good between our fingers.
 Swimming in the deep ocean!
 Sponge painting an ocean picture.

 We love digging for sea shells.

 Lots of fish swim in the deep blue sea.

 Observing some of the sea stars. 

 Pretending they are ocean animals.

 Be careful that the crabs don't pinch you!

 We loved visiting Sea Life and seeing all of the animals. 

Mrs. Strohschein's Class: 

We learned how an octopus uses black ink to stay safe. 

We like to play doctor! Friends are filling out paperwork in the waiting room until the doctor is ready to see them. 

We love ocean puzzles! 

We matched ocean animals to where they live. 

We made sea turtles and many other ocean animal crafts! 

We grew ocean animals. They felt squishy to touch! 

We painted oceans on a map and put on ocean animal stickers. 

We played many games of ocean bingo! 

Practicing number recognition with goldfish. 

Our field trip to Sea Life: