Friday, November 20, 2015

Pilgrim Program, Grandparents Day, and TURKEYS!

THE PAST two weeks in PRE-K

Letter: Hh and Ii

Moses and the Red Sea
The Golden Calf

     Theme: Pilgrims, Native American Indians, Turkeys

We had a busy past two weeks in Pre-K!  Last Friday, we enjoyed having our grandparents come to our school for a visit!  This Thursday and Friday, our 3 day and 5 day classes put on a Pilgrim Program for our friends and families!  Thank you to everyone who joined us for these special days.  We loved having you here!

3 day class Pilgrims

"I ate too much on Thanksgiving day!" 

5 day class as Silly Turkeys 

"Oh the Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seed.  The Lord is good to me. Amen."

"Bears and Buffalo, better watch out!"

5 day class with their turkey hats

2 day class making a teepee village

 How many turkeys tall are you?

  We worked together to make food for our Pilgrim Programs.  We peeled carrots and potatoes for stew.  We also made turkey cookies!  What great helpers!

 It is always fun to pretend to be the teacher and read our calendar wall!

                                                   Practicing our letters    with I SPY BINGO!

 More turkey cookies!!

 Exploring some Native American artifacts.

                                                                                 A canoe made out of birch wood!

The 2 day class with their turkey headbands!

 Grandparents Day

Friday, November 6, 2015

It's November!


Letter: Gg

Martin Luther
Baby Moses 
Moses and the 10 Plagues

     Theme: Pilgrims