Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter and Snow

This Week In Pre-K

Letter: Nn

Mary, Joseph and Jesus' flight to Egypt
Jesus as a boy

            Theme: Winter and Snow

Counting Buttons

The 5 day class made snowman soup and painted with a potato masher!

We had fun pretending we were in the arctic with the polar bears and penguins! 

Such BIG smiles from the 5 day class!

The Pre-K hallway has been transformed into a snowy scene!  Even Olaf is there!

These three girls were pretending to be at a movie theater.  There is one open book on the shelf that is supposed to be the movie screen.  Such a clever idea!

We had our feet painted this week to make a snowman.  Some of us were more ticklish than others!

She made a snowman out of pattern blocks!

We enjoyed reading Jan Brett's story The Mitten!

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