Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This Week In Pre-K

Letter: Vv

Jesus in the Garden
Peter Denies Jesus

 Theme: St. Patrick's Day & Shamrocks

We learned about St. Patrick who used a shamrock to tell others about the three parts of God. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)  

On Thursday and Friday, we performed four songs and finger plays at our school musical.  It was western themed!

We enjoyed having the circus dramatic play area for another week in Mrs. Koosman's room!

Who is Who??

Reviewing our letters!


Some of us chose to color at free play today!

Miss Becker's room made a rainbow with paper towels, 6 jars and the colors: red, blue, and yellow!  It was fun to watch the water walk up the paper towels and into the empty jars.

Working on our counting and number recognition skills with pots of gold! We also sorted coins by color.

 One last week with the space ship!  They brought cookies up to space!

Easter Egg Fun!

The three day class tried 10 different green foods!  So many tasty fruits and vegetables! Some were sweet and some were salty and the lime was a little sour1

We voted on what foods we liked.  We had 15 students voting.  As you can see, they were surprised to find they liked most of them!

Green Pepper Painting

Sorting marshmallows by color and shape

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