Monday, May 2, 2016

Earth Day & Life Cycles


Paul's Conversion
Paul and Silas in Jail 

Theme: Taking Care of our Earth, Life Cycles

working together to put together the caterpillar puzzle

Water play with the number ducks

Mrs. Koosman's room took over the Sub Shop this past week

This healthy food makes us strong!

So many delicious sandwiches and wraps!

We had fun building!

Miss Becker's room is trashed!  We worked together to clean up the Alphabet!  We also learned about taking care of our earth.

We had some hungry customers at the restaurant!

Lots of giggles too!

Our science table is an exciting place as we watch our caterpillars grow and change!

Many bugs to trap in the sensory table!

We love to build tracks and then race our cars.

Making caterpillar kabobs and butterflies! Some of us made caterpillar patterns!

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