Sunday, October 2, 2016

Apples and the Apple Orchard


Colors:  Blue and Purple

Letter: Bb

Bible Stories:
The Flood
God's Promise to Abraham

Theme: Apples

We had chilly weather for our field trip to the apple orchard but we made the most of it!!  
Thank you to all the adults for helping out!

The 3 day class made apple sauce on Monday to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!

The 3 day class

We enjoyed playing with the kitchen area this week!

Big Smiles on Blue Day

The 2 day class likes to pretend to be the teacher!

Apple Stamping Painting

Exploring apples with our magnifying glasses at the Science Table

A classmate's grandpa brought in a goat for us to see!
The goat was a little scared of us but we were thankful they visited!

The 3 day class at the Apple Orchard

We had fun jumping around on the hay bales.

The animals were hungry!

The 5 Day Class

They were pretending to be apple trees at an orchard.

Their trees grew blossoms and eventually the blossoms produced apples!

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