Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Fun


Letter: Dd

Bible Stories:
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob Returns Home

Miss Becker's Room: Nocturnal Animals (Owls and Bats), Squirrels and Acorns
Mrs. Koosman's Room: Fall, Leaves, Pumpkins

Buying pumpkins at the market

Exploring with the Magnet wands

The Fire fighters are ready to go!

We love painting in Pre-K!

We loved dressing up like Fire Fighters!

The fire trucks sounded real!

If there is a fire, call 9-1-1!

We love free-play time.

Looking at the bat books we read at school today.

We watched what happens to celery when we put it in different colored water.

She worked hard getting the alphabet in order.

The 3 day Pre-K Class

Silly picture!!

Finger painting to make purple

digging for spiders in the sensory table

The Market is open!

Raking leaves

WHOOO loves Jesus? WE DO!!

The 5 day class loved exploring a pumpkin!

First we cut it open.

Look at all the seeds.

Reaching inside...

So slimy!

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