Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ocean Week!


Letter: Ff

Bible Stories:
Joseph Rules in Egypt
Joseph is reunited with his brothers

Theme: Ocean

We enjoyed going to Sea Life on Friday with our 3 day and 5 day classes!

Practicing our counting skills by adding bubble beads to the ocean pictures.

We had fun with our ocean area of the classroom!

We even got to play in the sand!

Making a jelly fish

Making starfish by painting bubblewrap

They pretended that the blue carpet was water and that they were at the beach!

Then they had a talent show with the animals!

More fun in the sand!

Painting our plate blue to look like the ocean. Later we used our hand to make a fish!

Taking a close look at some ocean artifacts

Shark Teeth

Coral and Starfish

A sea urchin

Conch shell

Ocean puzzle

We loved playing with the ocean rocks and animals.

We used our water color paints to make these jelly fish .

Practicing our counting and graphing with these goldfish crackers.  We even got to eat a few!

Painting some fish in our sea!

The touch and feel pool was one of our favorite areas!

Touching shark skin.

In the jellyfish area.  

What looks like purple jellyfish on the left is actually plastic bags.  Turtles sometimes mistake them for jellyfish and get sick.  We need to do our part to keep our earth clean!

The sea horse exhibit 

We got a close-up look of what the ocean floor would look like!

There were tunnels of fish, sharks, and turtles! 

a porcupine puffer fish

The tail of a stingray

Shark Teeth

The 5 day class

The 3 day class. Some of us got a little tired by the end of the trip.

More pictures from the touch and feel pool.  There were starfish, barnacles, and other ocean creatures.

The stingray swam right over us.  It was so close we felt like we could actually touch it!

Pretending we were under water

Holding our breath "under water"

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