Monday, November 14, 2016

Election Week and Grandparents' Day


Letter: Hh

Moses and the Red Sea
The Golden Calf and the 10 Commandments

     Theme: Election Week

      We loved having a voting booth in our classrooms for the week!  We got to vote for our favorite pet and our favorite fruit.  We learned how to tally the votes to determine the winner.  Then on Friday, we enjoyed having our grandparents come to our school for a visit! We sang two patriotic songs for them in honor of Veteran's Day.

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather for November! We are thankful for green grass and lots of time on the playground!

The 3 day class casting their votes.  They each received a ballot.

Submitting their ballot.

I wonder which fruit got the most votes?

Exploring with marbles and constructing a path for them to travel through.

More voting!

It is hard to keep our vote a secret!

Using water color paint to make turkey feathers.

Lots of helpers at the polling station.  They are busy at work counting the votes!

Pals in plaid!

Matching cookies with the same shape

Pattern block fish

The 3 day and 5 day class singing for their grandparents.

We loved playing games with our grandparents!

What a treat to show them around our classroom!

The 5 day class used their hands to make an American Flag!

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