Friday, January 20, 2017

Brrrr!! Visiting the Arctic

This Week In Pre-K

Letter: Oo

Jesus Gets Lost at the Temple
Jesus' Baptism

            Theme: Arctic Animals

We had a fun filled week learning about the arctic!  We learned about all the amazing animals God made that survive in such cold conditions.  We finished our week by having Penguin Day on Friday!

The carpenter shop was very busy...

and very loud!!

Lots of hammering.

They had fun wearing a few pairs of goggles at one time! So silly!

Using foam shapes to build.

She put this puzzle together all by herself!  She was so proud.

We measured how tall we were compared to the tallest penguin the emperor penguin.

We learned that baby penguins are called chicks.

The 3 day class enjoyed a snowy snack.  Blue jello (water), marshmallows (snow), and sweedish fish (penguin food).

They did a great job painting and using pastel crayons to make their own penguin. All with their own personality!

3 day class on penguin day

A silly one for a silly day!

We have been busy cutting with our scissors.

pretending to be polar bears

Ice fishing

Setting up an arctic village to play with.

We love playing games together in preschool.

5 day class on Penguin Day

The 2 day class had fun out in the snow!

We had fun sledding.

Some of the friends worked together to build a snowman.

It was a fun sunny day!

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