Friday, February 3, 2017

National Lutheran School's Week

The Last Two Weeks In Pre-K

The last week in January marked National Lutheran School’s Week!  Did you know that there are nearly 2,300 Lutheran (LCMS) preschools, elementary schools and high schools around the world?!  That is incredible and definitely something to celebrate!  We, at St. John’s, are blessed to be one of those schools that proclaim the love of Jesus while also educating our students for academic success.  

Letter: Pp and Qq

Jesus Calls His Disciples
Jesus' 1st Miracle where he changed water into wine
The Miraculous Catch of Fish
Jesus Stills the Storm

            Themes: Winter Animals & Hibernation
Post Office, Ground Hog Day, Dental Health

We had fun dressing up goofy to celebrate National Lutheran School’s Week.  

Monday:  School Color Day
Tuesday:  Favorite TV/Movie Character Day
Wednesday:  Sun/Snow/Surf Day
Thursday:  Crazy Hat/Hair Day
Friday: Pajama Day

The 5 day class enjoyed playing with the post office!

Making valentines

The 5 day class mailed letters to their families!  They walked out to the mailbox to send off their valentines. 

Putting together an alphabet puzzle!

We enjoyed reading "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" during letter P week!

The 3 day class learned about castles on Monday.  We rolled a dice and added that many blocks to make a castle.  This is what it ended up looking like!

Making her own castle!

We had fun dressing up as knights and kings and queens!

Miss Becker and the boys wore their rival PJ's.

Silly photo on PJ day in the 3 day class.

We cut out cupcakes from paper.  We are strengthening our fine motor skills!

5 day class in PJ's

On color day the 3 day class went on a scavenger hunt around the school looking for the letters in the alphabet!  We tried to all squeeze on the couches in the Auxiliary Room. 

We saw the Church Bell closet.  It was tempting but we didn't touch the rope to ring the bell!

Sun/Snow/Surf day in the 3 day class

Silly Hair in the 2 day class!

We enjoyed popsicles and watched our tongues turn purple when learning about the Letter P

PJ day is always a favorite day!

3 day class in PJ's

2 day class on Character day

5 day class on Crazy Hair/Hat Day

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