Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring is Here!


This Week In Pre-K

Letter: Yy

Jesus Prays in the Garden
Peter Denies Jesus

Theme: Spring

It was great to see everyone back at school after our Spring Break! 

The 5 day class made these cute little bunnies!

The 3 day class made symmetry kites by only painting one side of the kite and then folding it over to mirror the painted side.

We had fun playing with the hospital this week!

The 3 day class pretended to be the wind.  We predicted if we could blow the items off the table.

Trying to balance the scale with Easter eggs and teddy bear counters.

They were so excited to build this huge tower.

Making tulips by painting with forks.

We used marker to decorate our umbrellas.  
Then we sprayed water on them and watched the colors bleed together.

We played a game where we spun a letter and had to see if any of our picture cards had that letter on them!  If so, we collected the picture card and the person with the most cards won!

Using our water colors to decorate our umbrellas.

The 5 day class working in groups to see what objects sink or float and then recording the data.

Painting bubble wrap so that it looks like rain drops for the background of their umbrella project.

Someone has a hurt leg...good thing he is getting it taken care of!

The 5 day class made homes for their pets.

Exploring the flowers and watching them change colors!

Playing school- it must be bring your pet to school day!

Making sure all the pets get fed, even if it means cupcakes!

Visiting the doctor.

Decorating crosses to remind us of the most important part about Easter...JESUS!

Jesus died on the cross for everyone.  He forgives us and makes us clean as snow!

She made a little home for her puppy and carried him around all play time.

Over at the hospital, a new baby (monkey) was born.

We cut out Easter eggs and put them in order.  It was fun to do our work on the floor.

We enjoyed having the gingerbread table back in our classroom this week!  It was one of our favorites.

Playing in the pet shop

Making kites with our water color paints.

Fingerprint crosses.  Jesus died for each of us!

We enjoyed reading and re-reading Pete the Cat books.

Using tweezers to place marbles on the alligator. 

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