Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bugs and Flowers


Peter in Prison
Philip and the Ethiopian

Theme: Bugs, Insects, Frogs (Miss Becker's room)
Flowers and Plants (Mrs. Koosman's room)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our “Muffins with Mom” event this past week.  We were excited to have you start the morning with us.  What a special treat!  Also a happy mother’s day to all the mom’s in our room!  We hope you enjoyed our little gift for you.  We sure had fun making them!

We had fun coloring, making necklaces, and playing with our moms and loved ones!

A little hopscotch fun

The 5 day class learned about plants this week and finished the week by making a dirt cup snack! Yum!

We planted seeds last week and were excited to see sprouts from our carrot and bean seeds!!

We learned the some differences between spiders and insects.  Spiders have 8 legs and insects have 2.  Spiders have 2 body parts and insects have 3.

We learned about bees and beehives.  We painted bubble wrap to look like the cells of a beehive.

Matching Friends

The 2 day class released 6 butterflies this week.  We had fun trying to have them land on our hands before setting them free!

It was hard to feel them moving on our hands because they are so light!

Chasing the butterflies!

The 2 day class

Lots of fun with our moms and loved ones!

We loved all getting to work on the Chrome books at the same time.  We are working on our letters.

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