Friday, September 22, 2017

Farm and Apples

Our week in Pre-K:

Colors:  Yellow and Green

Letter: Aa

Bible Stories:
Adam and Eve and the First Sin
Noah Builds the Ark

Theme: Farm and Apples

PK loves looking for frogs on the playground.  This little guy is posing for the camera.

Learning about the color yellow and making the sun while practicing our fine motor scissors cutting skills.

Painting with corn cobs!

Painting with yellow peppers and lemons on yellow day!

Fun with stickers and stamps in PK5.

Apple stamping while reviewing our colors that we've learned about in PK!

Making the color green- painting with your fingers is the most fun!!

Lots of apple pie making happened this week.

Busy apple picking

Who's Who?!

Making lemonade in PK5

PK5 on Yellow Day

Feeding those hungry horses!

Making applesauce in PK5

We all worked together to stir the apples.

Adding sugar and spices to our applesauce.

PK5 celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day a little early.  They made applesauce and fun pot handle hats for the special day.

Tasting the apple sauce!  So delicious!!

PK3 learned how to use the Chromebooks this week.  We used ABCmouse to practice our letters.  This week we worked on Letter A.

PK2 enjoyed using watercolor paints to decorate their barn.

PK3 helped squeeze lemons for our lemonade!

We poured our juice into the pitcher.

And squeezed more lemons!

After we squeezed our lemon, we each got to take a lick.  A little sour!

PK3 filling their letter A with apples to help us remember the sound A makes.

Sorting monkeys by color.  If only our lines in the hallway looked that straight!

Finger painting in PK3 to make the color green.

One of our Bible stories this week was the story about Noah and the ark he built.  What a strong faith Noah had, to trust God even when others made fun of him.  Noah, his family and two of each kind of animal boarded the ark and stayed safe during the world wide flood. God had a plan for Noah and has a plan for us too!

PK2 loved using stamps this week.  Soon after the stamps were pulled out, the entire table was filled with eager friends!

PK2 and their silly faces on green day.

PK5 on green day!

PK3 finally got their turn to make lemonade.  We learned about what's inside lemons and how to get the juice out.

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