Friday, September 15, 2017

Farm Week

Our week in Pre-K:

Colors:  Red and Orange

Bible Stories:
God Created the World
Adam and Eve

Theme: Farm

PK 5 on Red Day

PK5 on Orange Day

Mixing red and yellow paint to make ORANGE!

PK3 on Orange Day

 Painting with shapes in PK5.

PK5 squeezing oranges to make juice for orange day!

PK 3 trying red peppers for Red Day.  Despite the faces, most of them asked for more!!

We enjoyed beautiful weather this last week!  We spent time soaking in the sun and playing on the playground!

We tasted white and chocolate milk and counted up which one our class liked better!

Exploring the sensory bottles at the Science Table.

PK2 learned about sheep and practiced shearing our balloon sheep.  It was messy but very fun!

Before shearing our sheep, we read a book to learn about how sheep fleece is made into yarn which is made into clothes.  We were also glad to hear their haircuts don't hurt the sheep!

Exploring with magnets.  He discovered the bottle would stick upside down to his magnet wand!

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