Friday, November 3, 2017

It's November!


Letter: Gg
Martin Luther
Baby Moses 

Theme: Pumpkins (Miss Becker's class)
Pilgrims and Native Americans (Mrs. Koosman's class)

The Ice Cream Shop opened in Mrs. Koosman's classroom this week!

Painting Luther's Seal to remind us of God's love for us!

The Ocean Table was filled with fun sea creatures to explore.

We read a story about Spookley the square pumpkin and made our own square pumpkins!

Each pumpkin sure has it's own personality!

While the weather was cold and snowy outside, we enjoyed playing in the sand inside.

We had fun making different shapes with the magic sand.

Looking closely at the pumpkins at the science table.  

We used tweezers to place candy corn on different pictures.  We are working on strengthening our little fingers!

We used our senses to learn about pumpkins.  The pulp was a little sticky.

The seeds were a little slimy! 

Playing "teacher"

Reading the Bible

In PK3 we made a pumpkin volcano.

We each took a turn and had fun watching the explosion!

We scooped out all the seeds, cooked them, and tasted them!  Yum!

We learned about the letter G.  We colored the letter green, used glue and added gold glitter!

Some friends camping in the tee-pee!

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