Sunday, December 10, 2017

Advent is Here!

This Week in Pre-K

Letter: Kk

Daniel and the Lion's Den
3 Men in a Fiery Furnace
John is Born

     Theme: Christmas

The season of Advent is present in our classroom.  We started using our Advent wreath by lighting the HOPE candle this week.  Each week we light another candle to remind us that Jesus is coming!  While Advent is a time of waiting, we do not have to wait to receive the Lord and his gifts.  Jesus is and always will be the greatest gift!  He gives us HOPE today of a future with him and all believers in Heaven.  

Retelling the Christmas story of Jesus' birth.

Using the magnetic wands to search for Christmas objects.

Reading Christmas books and the Bible during play time

Practicing our letters in shaving cream is so messy and fun!

PK5 made gingerbread cookies.

They went to check on their cookies...

Oh NO!  Where did they go?

Look it's a clue!

We followed the clues and finally made it back to our classroom.

There we found our cookies!

We decorated them!

And gobbled them up before they could run away again!

We made a chart to see which part of the cookie we ate first.  

Most of us ate the leg off first!

We practiced wrapping gifts!

And then we had fun opening the presents back up!

One classmate pretended to be Santa and deliver the gifts.

Matching Minnies!

PK3 smiling for the camera.

We made ornaments to decorate our Christmas tree.

We also painted Christmas trees and decorated them with sequins.

We worked on our numbers and put together our Christmas tree puzzles.

One friend extended the activity and put ornaments on the tree to match each number.

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