Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dr. Seuss Week and the Musical

The Past Two Weeks In Pre-K

Letter: Uu & Vv

The Good Samaritan
The House on the Sand and Rock
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday

 Theme: Dr. Seuss
Weather (Miss Becker's Class)
Circus (Mrs. Koosman's Class

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday we spent a week reading his books!  The students enjoyed hearing a variety of his silly rhyming books.  We completed some Dr. Seuss projects to help us remember some of our favorite stories and had some special themed days.  

We enjoyed reading My Many Colored Days and wearing our favorite color today!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish....who has BINGO?

We did it!

Having fun with the legos and making patterns.

 Dancing to music in our "silly socks."

 Our Fox in Socks and showing off our "silly socks."

He needed a step stool to reach the top, it was so high!

Our room was a little "wacky" today!

 My shirt matches the book.

Up, up and away.....the kids had great ideas on where they would like to go on a hot air balloon.

We had fun wearing our favorite hats today!

Matching fun!

Looking good as a silly clown!

Eating popcorn at the circus in PK5.

Get your tickets here for the circus!

Be careful in the "ring of fire."

Just hanging out in the big tent.

Balancing on the high rope.

How many balls can the clown juggle at once?

Having fun in our new sensory bin.

More circus fun!

Get your popcorn . . . . for only $1.00.

It's showtime! Singing "The Three Little Pigs Blues."

Silly Sock Day on Wacky Wednesday!

Our room had lots of wacky things.  We loved searching around for all the mixed-up things.

Coloring under the table?  Now that is WACKY.

Painting with a carrot?!  Another wacky thing!

Oh no!  The numbers and letters are all wacky.

We put them in the correct order.

We decorated silly socks and hid them around the classroom.

Making a rainbow with shaving cream and paint!

Being messy is one of the best parts about school!

Playing ABC bingo together.

Trying to balance the scale at the science table.

Will you eat green eggs and ham??

Most of our friends gave it a try!

It's brave to try new foods!

You might end up liking them!

Hat Day in PK2

Cat in the Hat Day in PK3

We made a walking rainbow.  The colors climbed the paper towel and walked into the empty jars to make new colors!

Making snow angels.

Will the wind blow it?  We experimented with different objects in our classroom to see if the the "wind" from our bodies could move them.

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