Friday, March 23, 2018

Space, St Patrick's Day and our Easter Parties!

Happy Easter!

The Past Two Weeks In PRE-K

Letter: Ww and Xx

The Last Supper
Jesus in the Garden
Jesus before the Judges
Death of Jesus

Space (Miss Becker's Room)
St. Patrick's Day, Rainbows and Shamrocks
Easter and Bunnies

While we had fun playing with Easter eggs and learning about bunnies, we made sure to emphasize the real reason we celebrate Easter, JESUS!

Holy Week is next week!  We invite you to JOIN US here at St. John's for worship.
Palm Sunday: 8am & 10:30am
Maundy Thursday: 7pm
Good Friday: 12:30pm and 7pm
Easter: 6am, 8am and 10:30am

See you back at school on Tuesday, April 3.

We learned about space!

We pretended to be astronauts.

We made our own astronauts and wrote where we would like to go.

We had fun with our new sensory table and made rainbows for St. Patrick's Day.

We learned about the moon and used cheerios to make craters on our moons.

He had 10 craters on his moon!

We talked about different kinds of weather and sorted hot and cold.

We made rockets as long as our names.

We explored colors and enjoyed making painting using our creativity.

We learned about the planets that orbit the sun.  We worked on putting our planet puzzle in order from 1-10.

We learned that astronauts have to eat food differently up in space.  We made our own pudding.

Then we tried to drink the pudding out of the ziploc bags just like they do.

It was harder than we thought!

                   After reading about "Lucky the Leprechaun," we wrote about when we feel lucky.

                                How fun to paint with peppers! They look like shamrocks.

                                                              Hey, this is so silly!

Sorting and graphing our Fruit Loops cereal. We even got to eat them when we were done.

                                                     We are working hard on balancing.

                                                           On the hunt for Leprechauns!!

                                                        Taking good care of our pets.

                              What a great idea! He is creating a map for the Leprechauns.

                                  Oh my.....the leprechaun left his footprints in green paint!

                Great idea to be using our magnifying glasses. Maybe that will give us a clue.

                              Making a Leprechaun trap. I know we are going to catch one.

                                         Now that is one good looking Leprechaun trap!

We pretended to be bunnies.

We tried to bounce all the Easter eggs off the parachute.  Then we went looking for them around the gym.

We played BINGO at our Easter Party.

We had a relay race trying to get the egg on our spoon.

We opened the Easter eggs to see what type of "eggs"-ercises to do.

Countdown from 10 and blast-off like a rocket.

Leap like a frog..

Hop like a bunny.

We went on an egg hunt in our classroom looking for three different colored eggs.

Thank you to the parents that helped make our party a success!

We are going on an EGG HUNT!

Squeezing in one last story before the bell rang!

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