Monday, April 16, 2018

April Fun!


Resurrection of Jesus
Road to Emmaus
Doubting Thomas

Theme: Food Groups & Weather

Letter: Y & Z

Hey, look....we have matching hats!

It's kind of silly to be painting on bubble wrap.

Enjoying taking our friends food orders.

They are ready to serve our yummy food!

Using our water colors to paint a rainbow.

We were learning about weather this week. We pretended that the shaving cream were the clouds in the sky.  The eye dropper was filled with blue water and we each took a turn filling the "cloud" with water droplets.

We had fun doing a sink and float activity. We used marbles, dice, spoons, pencils, straws, Q-tips, shells, and a penny. Please ask us which ones sunk to the bottom and which ones floated on the top.

Playing Candy land with friends.

Making a delicious sandwich.

Lining up all the sweet treats in her shop to get ready for customers.

One friend was excited to show his friends his light up shoes.

The sub shop is open!

Cleaning and organizing at the shop.

Investigating a bird's nest.

These girls enjoying their sandwiches.

We did a fun float or sink activity.

We took turns testing out different items to see if they would sink or float.

We predicted, experimented and recorded our results. 

These friends asked for supplies to make a sailboat.  This is what they came up with!  So impressive.


Painting with vegetables during healthy food week.

Strengthening our fine motor skills by stringing beads on necklaces.

Making pictures with pattern blocks.

Building towers with friends and figuring out how to make windows.

Reading books is one of our favorite things!

Painting with fruits during healthy food week.

These friends built a zoo together.

Using our creativity to build our own pictures with shapes.

We learned about our 5 senses.  We used our sense of taste to try different foods.  We recorded if we liked them or not.  We talked about trying new foods even if it's just a little bite.

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