Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter and Spring

                                                     Having fun with our class pets!

                                                      We love the new sensory table!

                                            The girls are building a house for their pets.

                                      We learned that a vet is a doctor who takes care of animals.

                                   The boys are re-telling the bible stories from the week.

                                                               Caring for our animals.

                                           Making patterns with our bunny projects.

                                 We had a fun time making bunny baskets at our class party.

                            Thank you for reading a book to us. We love listening to stories.

                                        's time for a special treat.

                                           Balancing an egg on a spoon relay race.

                                                                            We did it!

                                                                  Time for BINGO!

             Even if it feels like winter outside, we are enjoying decorating our classroom like spring.

                                                            We look like twins today!

                                                     Taking turns playing a game.

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