Sunday, April 22, 2018

Food Fun and Construction!


Jesus' Ascension

Numbers: 1 & 2

Theme: Food Groups (Mrs. Koosman's Class)
Construction (Miss Becker's Class)

Having fun stringing our beads together and making necklaces.

We have a duck pond in our classroom.

We are trying to balance a pizza on Chef Combo.

We had a fun week learning about different food groups.
We even got to taste test some vegetables and fruits.
We also used our 5 senses to learn about these foods.

Making carrots in our garden.

I am ready to take your order.

Pretending to be the teacher.


Sponge painting some watermelons.

Silly expressions while playing our game.

Playing a game of "ABC GO FISH!"

Pretending a deer antler belongings on a bunny.

Hopefully this will be the last time out playing in the snow this spring.

He was proud of his snowman.

Playing with this molding sand is one of our favorites.

Busy carpenters

Practicing our numbers with play dough.

Our class loves Pete the Cat and his books.

He used these shape stickers to make a rocket!  Good work!

They built a house with the chairs.

Making patterns with construction pictures.

We were excited to paint with cars!

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