Monday, May 14, 2018

Pizza Field Trip and Muffins with Moms

The Past Two Weeks in Pre-K

Bugs, Insects, Butterflies, Camping (Miss Becker's Room)
Camping, Flowers and Plants (Mrs. Koosman's Room)

Peter in Jail
Philip and the Ethiopian
Conversion of Saul
Paul and Silas in Prison

Camping Fun!!

We love doing art projects.

Spring Robins!!

Busy at work making a book to share with the class.

One of our favorite things to do is build with legos.

We are taking turns playing a game.

Observing our class caterpillars.

Reading a book to our friends. They were the author and illustrator of this book.

Be careful...don't break the ice!

Future baseball players for the MN Twins!

We love soccer!

Having fun with the flower shop.

Flowers for's the best deal in town.

We have butterflies!

Our flower garden is growing.

He is ready to start planting.

We had a great time during "Muffins with Mom" this week.

Picking beautiful flowers for our bouquet.

Observing our butterflies. We now have 4 of them.

Checking out our experiment with celery and red food coloring.

Building a giant lego tower.

We ended our flower and plant unit by eating "dirt." It was delicious.

We rode on the school bus for our field trip!

To 3121 Pizza we go!

We sang songs while riding the bus.

We arrived!

The whole group before beginning our tour.

That was delicious!

And some ice cream for dessert!

Excited to see our caterpillars grow and change.  Some are in their chrysalis. 

Quick look, one has emerged as a butterfly!

Playing a fun number game!

Learning about spiders and their webs.

We love playing outside and enjoying the sunny weather!

blowing bubbles

We LOVED having our moms visit with us for Muffins with Moms.  Thank you for playing with us and letting us shower you with love!

Popsicles as a birthday treat for one of our friends.

We love to sing and dance at school.

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