Sunday, October 21, 2018

Nocturnal Animals


Color: Black (Mrs. Strohschein)

Letter: Review of Letters

Bible Stories:
Joseph and His Colorful Coat 

Nocturnal Animals (Owls and Bats)

Mrs. Koosman's Class
 We had fun playing in our new dramatic play area. 

 She is shopping at the Farmer's Market.

 Waiting in line for a turn to check out.
 He has been busy raking up the leaves. 
 Our new sensory table is so much fun. We love to sort and count all of the spiders.

 Mmmm......making some pie!

 We had fun playing number BINGO! It's even more fun using pumpkin candy.

 Whooo....has BINGO! We reviewed learning our letters while playing Owl BINGO.

 We made owl during art time. They look pretty cute!


Mrs. Strohschein's Class

We learned about nocturnal animals like bats and owls. They are fun to learn about! 

We like to color pictures of nocturnal animals. 

Firefighters to the rescue! 

Call 9-1-1 and the firefighters will come to help! 

Using stamps to make pretty leaf pictures! 
"Leaves are falling, leaves are falling, to the ground, to the ground! Look at all the colors, look at all the colors. Red, yellow, brown. Red, yellow, brown."

Will it sink or float? We did an experiment to watch if apples, pumpkins, acorns, etc. would float or sink in water. 

We made Joseph's coat of many colors. We learned many important lessons from this Bible story! 

We did an experiment with candy pumpkins. They disappeared in the soda pop, water, and vinegar! 

We celebrated baptismal birthdays and Mr. Volberding gave special presents. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Community Helpers and Fire Safety


Colors: Brown (Mrs. Strohschein)

Letter: Dd

Bible Stories:
Jacob & Esau

 Fire Safety & Community Helpers 

Mrs. Koosman's Class

Calling the firefighters to the rescue!

Cutting open a pumpkin.

Wow....look what's inside!

We each took a turn cleaning out the pumpkin. 

This is so slimy. 

This is fun!!

He is grabbing a big fist full of pulp.

Counting the pumpkin seeds. 
We used our senses as we were investigating the pumpkin. 

Playing a fun game of "Scarecrow BINGO."

We all love to use the building blocks and create lots of neat things.

My new pair of glasses.
I have them on the back of my head too.
Practicing my counting with pumpkins.

Painting a fall tree.

Mrs. Strohschein's Class 

The Pumpkin Sensory Table was fun! 

The preschoolers did a lot of construction work this week building grocery stores and houses to play in! 

Be sure to look in the hallway at the crafts the students are making every week. This week they learned about community helpers and made police cars and finger painted fire for the firefighters to put out.

We learned about how doctors help us when we're sick. We looked at a skeleton and learned about the bones in our bodies. All the students got to take turns using a real stethoscope (thanks Mr. Strohschein for letting us borrow it!). 

Playing Community Helper Bingo with lots of friends!

 We're proud of the things we build at school! 

Practicing the letter of the week: D. 

Thanks for a great week!