Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Penguins and Polar Bears

Pre-K Last Week: 

Letter: P

Religion: Jesus Calls His Disciples, Jesus at the Wedding  

Theme: Polar Animals 

We learned a lot about penguins and polar bears this week. We had a fun time on Penguin Day and enjoyed pretending to be penguins! 

Were you wondering while your child's hands were blue last week? We painted with frozen paint! You can see our painting up in the hallway by our classroom. We used green and yellow paint cubes and when they melted and mixed, they made blue! 

When our fingers got too cold, we used tweezers to paint!

It is fun to see friends working together on art projects. They are making their own designs. 

We practiced counting and one-to-one correspondence with goldfish. Feed the penguins! 

After we fed the penguins many different numbers of fish, we ate a goldfish treat!

When I told the friends to feed the penguins 7 goldfish, one friend formed the goldfish in the shape of a 7. How clever!

Yummy goldfish!

The students made a HUGE line of penguins! They were so excited about it! 

We painted patterns with marshmallows. It was fun and messy! 

Friends practicing counting together. 

The students made penguin patterns this week. How pretty! 

They were so proud of their patterns! 

 Every student painted a penguin. I love to see how every penguin is unique and beautiful!

 Are you taller than a 4 foot Emperor Penguin? Every friend measured themselves next to the penguin.

We painted polar bears with shaving cream and then played in it after. We love shaving cream! 

Playing a penguin board game. 

Learning how penguin feathers are waterproof. 

Learning how blubber works and giving it a try! The students couldn't feel the icy cold water when they used the blubber to keep their hands warm. 

God is so smart - He made penguins and polar bears just right to survive the cold. 

Penguin huddle to stay warm! 

Happy Penguin Day! 

I love our class of silly penguins! 

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