Things your child can look forward to in Pre-K at St. John’s!

  •    Monthly Sharing Opportunities 
  •    Occasional Cooking or Special Snacks    
  •    Class Parties 
  •    Field Trips 
  •    Dramatic Play that changes twice a month 
  •    Weekly Library 
  •    Special Learning Days

Religion~ Bible story every day, paper project that correlates with the story, songs, finger plays, prayer before lunch, echo prayer after Bible story.

Language Arts~ Letter sounds explored, ABC’s introduced with project, rhyming words, show and tell share time, dictating stories to the teacher who puts them in written form, role playing, dramatic play, story time, write name, recognize name, role play Bible stories, "read" the Bible independently and to their peers, illustrate Bible stories in their journals, listen to Bible stories and God's word from the Bible, recite the Lord's prayer, echo prayers, and spell out Bible words in certain songs.

Math~ Hands-on activities that involve number concepts, counting skills, sorting, numeral recognition, shapes, recognize the number 3 for the Trinity and the number 12 for the disciples, count the number of people in various Bible stories and the number of days it took God to create the world.

Art~ Variety of medium used (play dough, pencil, markers, paint, crayons, scissors) as a learning tool for fine motor control and following direction, observe and recognize God's beauty around them.

Physical Education~ Explore creative movements with our bodies God created through running, jumping, throwing, catching, walking, hopping, galloping, marching, and balancing. We also use parachutes, scooters, hula-hoops, balls, and other equipment in the gym and outside.

Music~ Incorporated throughout the class day. Sing, dance, play musical instruments, move to music, explore rhythm, praise God through music, participate in school musical, Christmas Concert and Thanksgiving program.

Science/Social Studies~  Some of the many themes covered: farm, pumpkins, firefighters, snowmen, penguins, groundhogs, weather, health, plants, animals, famous Americans, ocean, circus, rain, spiders, spring, zoo, and many, many more! Through these themes and topics our goal is to open their eyes to the wonderful world around them created by God!

The curriculum is modified appropriately based on the child’s age.

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