Friday, January 29, 2016

National Lutheran School's Week!

This Week In Pre-K

This week marked National Lutheran School’s Week!  Did you know that there are nearly 2,300 Lutheran (LCMS) preschools, elementary schools and high schools around the world!  That is incredible and definitely something to celebrate!  We, at St. John’s, are blessed to be one of those schools that proclaim the love of Jesus while also educating our students for academic success.  

Letter: Pp

Jesus Calls His Disciples
Jesus' 1st Miracle where he changed water into wine

            Theme: Winter Animals & Hibernation

We had fun dressing up goofy this past week to celebrate National Lutheran School’s Week.  

Monday:  School Color Day
Tuesday:  Tacky Tourist Day
Wednesday:  Decade Day
Thursday:  Neon and Glow in the Dark Day
Friday: Pajama Day

5 Day class Neon Day

PJ Day- 5 Day Class

We had fun learning about bears and how they hibernate in the winter.

Feeding the penguins while also working on our fine motor skills! 





We enjoyed having our stuffed animals join us on PJ Day.  We even got to watch cartoons in our jammies!  What a fun day!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Brrrr! Visiting the Arctic!

This Week In Pre-K

Letter: Oo

Jesus Gets Lost at the Temple
Jesus' Baptism

            Theme: Arctic Animals

We had a fun filled week learning about the arctic!  We learned about all the amazing animals God made that survive in such cold conditions.  We finished our week by having Penguin Day on Friday!

Ice Fishing

Polar bears have special feet to help them walk on ice.

Practicing our alphabet with this fun snowman marshmallow game!

5 day class dressed as penguins

Hard at work at Joseph's carpenter shop!

                                                                   Hanging up alphabet mittens!                     

Eating oranges to help us remember the letter O!

Enjoying our delicious penguin snack!  
Blue jello for the water, marshmallows for the snow/ice, and Swedish fish for the fish!

Marshmallow masterpieces!

3 day class

Pretending to be the daddy penguins.  It was hard to keep our penguin egg on our feet.

We pretended to waddle like penguins by placing the ball between our knees. 

We even measured every student to see if they were taller than the Emperor Penguin!