Friday, September 23, 2016

Farm and Apples!

Our week in Pre-K:

Colors:  Yellow and Green

Letter: Aa

Bible Stories:
Adam and Eve and the First Sin
Noah Builds the Ark

Theme: Farm and Apples

Building with Magnatiles

Wow that's one big tower!

Building a pet playground

Painting and making Apple Artwork

Her pet bugs "Westie" and "Dreamy"

She built a park for the animals!


Yellow Day!

Apple Stamps

When you mix yellow and blue what color does it make??

The 5 Day Class celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day on Friday!

The apple sauce smelled and tasted delicious!

It's apple picking time!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Farm Week

Our week in Pre-K:

Colors:  Red and Orange

Bible Stories:
God Created the World
Adam and Eve

Theme: Farm

We are loving playing on the new Preschool Playground!

The 2 day class is finally understanding how to walk in a line!

We practiced sheering sheep!  It was messy but FUN!

The 3 day class made a tall tower and then it came tumbling down and scared us!

The 3 day class!

We worked together to put together these alphabet puzzles.

Mrs. Koosman's 5 Day Class

Making muddy pigs

Everything looks blue

We loved playing in the corn table with the farm animals.

Finger painting was so much fun!

Red Day! (5 Day Class)

Making Orange Juice and tasting it!