Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!


Letter: Ii

Giving Thanks

     Theme: Pilgrims, Native American Indians, Turkeys

Last Thursday and Friday, our 3 day and 5 day classes put on a Pilgrim Program for our friends and families!  Thank you to everyone who joined us for these special days.  
We loved having you here!

A blessed Thanksgiving to all of you!  Travel safely and remember...
"Always give thanks to God for everything!"  Ephesians 5:20

The 3 day class as Turkeys

The 3 day class as Pilgrims

The 3 day class as Native Americans

Counting turkey feathers

Assembling the table decorations for our Pilgrim Program

They are counting how many blocks they used to build their tower.

It was a busy day at the ice cream shop!

We had fun using our water colors to paint pictures during play time.

Serving up colorful ice cream 

Paying for their ice cream treats

The 3 day class helping peel potatoes and carrots for the stew we ate at our Pilgrim Program.

They worked very hard!

We also made turkey cookies to enjoy at our program.

The 2 day class used sponges to paint shapes on their vests.

We also made noodle necklaces!

She made a pattern tower!

We looked at Native American artifacts.

We played a musical instrument and felt some animal skins.

There was beaded jewelry and little dolls we looked at.

We enjoyed playing with the Tee-pee and sitting by the fire.

We cooked pretend corn stew and served it to our friends.

She was pretending to be the teacher!

We worked on strengthening our fine motor skills by using our scissors at school.

The 2 day class with their vests and turkey hats!  We tried to get a smiling one and a goofy one... try and figure out which one is which!! :)

On Monday our school held Small Business Day.  Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade sold items that we could buy.  We enjoyed our treats!

Many friends gathered together to enjoy some corn stew.

We learned about the Native American people and then acted out what we learned. 

The 5 day class making turkey cookies for their families!

The boys brought in carrots to peel.

The girls brought in potatoes to peel.

The 5 Day Class as Turkeys

The 5 Day Class as Pilgrims

The 5 Day Class as Native Americans

Making mazes for our marbles

The 3 day class made thankful turkeys. Each feather listed something they were thankful for and then we shared them with our friends.