Friday, September 29, 2017

Apples and the Apple Orchard


Colors:  Blue and Purple (PK5)

Letter: Bb

Bible Stories:
The Flood
God's Promise to Abraham

Theme: Apples

We read the book "Ten Apples Up on Top" and tried balancing apples on our head.  It didn't work so well!  Then we made a class book and glued paper apples on top of our heads.

We read the Bible Story about Noah and the flood. God watched over Noah, his family and the animals.  After the flood, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a promise to never flood the whole world again.

We tasted apples and then graphed which apple we liked the best. 

On purple day we had fun finger painting with the colors red and blue.

PK5 on Purple Day

PK5 on Blue Day

Looking at the apples up close at the science table

Painting paper plate apples and using our fingers to make the seeds

Painting blue paper with the color blue on blue day!

In Pre-K we aren't afraid to get messy!

PK2 on Blue Day

PK3 celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day on Wednesday.

They helped wash the apples and cut them in tiny pieces. 

We worked on our fine motor skills.

We dumped all the apples into the crockpot and added sugar.

We sprinkled on some cinnamon.

Gave it a big stir and let it cook for the whole day.

It was finally time to taste our applesauce!  It was so yummy!!

Stamping with apples

Working together to complete some fun puzzles!

We learned about Letter B this week!

PK2 enjoying the sunny day!

On Friday, PK5 and PK3 took a trip to Apple Jacks Apple Orchard.  We enjoyed playing, learning and going on a wagon ride!

PK5 on the train