Friday, October 27, 2017

Ocean Week!


Letter: Ff

Bible Stories:
Joseph Rules in Egypt
Joseph is reunited with his brothers

Theme: Ocean

We enjoyed going to Sea Life on Friday with PK3 and PK5!




We had a chance to touch sea stars, sea anemones and sea urchins in the water!

Looking into the sting ray pool.  We weren't able to touch them but we still enjoyed watching them swim around.

Some of our friends got to feed the sting rays!

Taking a closer look at the sea horses.

We tried to touch the sea creatures swimming around and over us!

A giant sea turtle swam right behind us!

We loved watching the jellyfish move around.

PK3 at Sea Life

PK5 at Sea Life

We went to a classroom at Sea Life and learned more about the creatures of the sea.  We also had time to explore the artifacts in the classroom.  We had so much fun!

Putting on their scuba gear!

Puffer fish puff up their bodies when in danger to protect themselves. 


Touching part of a blue whale, the largest sea creature!

Miss Becker's parents brought their dog and her dog to school for a visit!  We had fun meeting Charlie and Cubbie and watching them do tricks.

We built log cabins during play time.

We had some ocean animals in our sensory table this week.  We enjoyed playing with them!

Going fishing!

We used wet glue this week and tried just using a dot, not a lot!

We used a magnetic pen to practice forming our letters.  Then we used our finger to push the magnetic beads back down so we could try again!

We sorted shells by their different sizes.

We like to line up things in straight lines.  The top picture he was lining up beads.   In the bottom picture she was lining up puppy dogs.

In PK5 they were also lining up toys to make towers and long lines to reach from one side of the room to the other side.

He finished this puzzle all by himself!  Way to go!

We strengthened our fine motor skills by using sea creature stickers to fill our blue paper.

We painted crabs with our hands.