Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Time

Last Week In Pre-K

Letter: Ll

An angel comes to Mary
Jesus is Born

     Theme: Christmas

God has blessed these kids with beautiful singing voices!  
They did a terrific job sharing the Christmas story on Friday at our school Christmas concert!


matching dresses

Christmas bells, Christmas bells, ring them all the day!
God the Father sent His Son on that first Christmas day.

God you see sent Jesus, down to earth for you!

Jesus Christ was born,
Jesus Christ was born,
Long ago in Bethlehem,
Jesus Christ was born.

Shepherds left their flocks, 
Shepherds left their flocks, 
Came to see on bended knee, 
Shepherds left their flocks.

PK 5

Playing Bible time and retelling the Christmas story.

Making gingerbread houses.

Making patterns with Christmas lights.

Lots of fun playing games with friends.

There were so many giggles coming from this group!

Exploring with magnets.

PK3 made gingerbread cookies.

Where did the cookies go?  They ran away!

Let's look in the gym...

Let's look in the nurses' office...

Let's look in the cafeteria...

Let's go back to our classroom...

There they are!!

We caught the gingerbread man!

Now it's time to decorate.

We better gobble them up before they run away again.

We made lemonade to help us remember the Letter L.

It was hard to squeeze the lemons but we didn't give up.

After we squeezed our lemon, we got to taste it.

It was a little sour!

PK2 put their ginger bread cookies in the oven.  Surely this time they won't run away!

OH NO!! It's a clue!

Where could they be this time?

After reading the clue we headed to the office.

We looked around.

And found a clue!

Next we went to the ESP room. 

The clue was stuck in the Christmas tree.

The next clue told us to go see Mrs. Haag.

We hurried to her office right away!

Our last clue told us to go back to our classroom.

There they were!

We patiently waited to get our own cookie.

Then it was time to ice the cookies.

We added buttons and eyes.

Some of us snuck in licks of the frosting.