Saturday, February 24, 2018

Valentine's Parties and Teddy Bear Tea Party

The Past Two Weeks In Pre-K

Letter: Ss & Tt

Jesus Feeds Thousands
The 10 sick men with leprosy
The sick man by the pool of Bethesda

Presidents (Abe Lincoln and George Washington)
Valentine's Day, Hearts, Sharing love with others
Dental Health

We decorated Valentine bags in preparation for our parties!

Playing BINGO!

Choosing her BINGO prize.

Whoooo Loves Jesus? WE DO!

PK5 enjoying their snack at their party

Valentine heat patterns

Painting pretty flowers with celery

All bundled up and ready to go outside.

Delivering the Valentines.

Playing some fun gym games at our parties!

Pin the lips on the Frog.

More BINGO fun.

The Post Office is OPEN!  I love their hand made signs.

Putting on a puppet show.


We counted teeth and put the correct amount into each mouth.

We cleaned the teeth and practiced brushing.

We flossed the teeth and got all the food stuck in between the teeth out.

         We painted with tooth brushes.  What was once a yellow tooth became a sparkling white tooth!

We placed eggs in different substances to see what happens to our teeth when we don't take care of them.  

We colored the pictures on our paper to remember things that make our teeth healthy!

We sorted the gummy bears by color.

We answered questions about our graph.

We saw which color had the most bears.

We counted the bears.

We even made a teddy bear bridge and tried to get them all on.

We may have even eaten a few bears, YUM!

Bring a teddy to school day.

Some were big, and some were small.

Some weren't teddy bears at all! :) 

They made an airplane and were taking their teddy bears on a trip.

PK2 celebrated the letter T with a Teddy Bear Tea Party!

We got more snow and were thankful it was a little warmer out so we could go play in it!

Lots of smiles and giggles.

It was so much fun to "clean" off the slides.

Cutting the bristles of our giant toothbrushes.

Gluing on healthy habits for healthy teeth!

Brush, floss, visit the dentist, and eat healthy foods.

Working on the American flag.

Happy Birthday!

We learned that George Washington was our 1st President. How fun that we can see him on the dollar bill and on quarters!

I love to read!