Sunday, April 29, 2018

We make learning FUN!



Number and Letter Review

Theme: Camping (Mrs. Koosman's Class)
Taking Care of our Earth (Miss Becker's Class)

We are enjoying playing in our new dramatic play area. It's so much fun to go camping!

We had fun painting with marshmallows and a stick. 
We even got to mix red and yellow paint to make a fire.

Cutting up wood for our fire.

The girls are having fun planting flowers in the sensory table.

Getting ready to roast hot dogs over the fire.

Great work planting the flower pots.

Having a great time in the tent.

They are working hard on preparing a meal.

Go Pack Go!

Our class caterpillars are getting big!

We are playing a game called ZAP!

If you know the letter name you get to keep the card.  

The first person to 7 cards wins!

If you get a ZAP card you have to put a card back.

We make learning fun!

Alphabet Bingo is one of our favorites!

We are excited to see what happens to our caterpillars!

Hard at work!

Learning about our Earth and how we can take care of it.

Reading from the Bible

She worked on this puzzle by herself and was so proud!

We love this beautiful Earth that God made for us.

Learning about butterflies and their life cycle.

We had a fun Eagle Family FUNDay enjoying the beautiful weather together!

He won the Little Eagle Loop- Way to GO!