Sunday, May 20, 2018

Releasing Butterflies and Donuts with Dad


Mary and Martha
The Prodigal Son

Theme: Bugs, Insects, Frogs (Mrs. Koosman's room)
Flowers and Plants (Miss Becker's room)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our “Donuts with Dad” event this past week.  We were excited to have you start the morning with us.  What a special treat!  

Our caterpillars transformed into butterflies! 

We had so much fun taking turns feeling the butterflies.

They tickled our fingers!

This is so silly!

Ready, set, .... go!  Let's release the butterflies!!

The butterfly landed on my finger!

We had so much fun chasing the butterflies all over the soccer field.

They are ready to sell flowers.

We had a great morning during "Donuts with Dad."

Practicing our rhyming words together.

Playing with the marble race.

Pretending to be the teacher.

We loved having our visitors!

Thank you for taking time to play with us!

Building with the blocks and making it as long as our classroom.

We even needed to get a step stool to reach the blocks and make it even taller.

One of our favorite games to play!

Having fun with the sensory table.

Sorting out our elephants.

They made their own campsite.