Monday, February 11, 2019

Dental Health Week

Pre-K Last Week: 

Letter: P

Religion: Catch of Fish, Jesus Calms the Storm

Theme: Dental Health

We learned how to keep our teeth healthy this week. We learned how to brush and floss and what food we should eat to keep our teeth in good condition. The dentist would be proud of how we take care of our teeth! 

We've been using some new puzzles! 

We painted teeth to make them white and sparkling!

We like to play with the playdough. P for playdough! 

We played with princes and princesses this week. They start with the letter of the week!

Shining knights playing with the castle toys.

We sent mail to our family and friends. 

 Playing dentist at the dentist office.

Doing a science experiment to see what is healthy/unhealthy for our teeth

How do the teeth look when they're soaked in water, white milk, and Coca-Cola? 

Let's brush the teeth that are stained from the Coca-Cola!

We played dentist and brushed the teeth clean!

The friends practiced brushing in the sensory table. 

Sorting food on to the right tooth. Will this food make your tooth happy or sad?