Thursday, April 25, 2019

Wind and Weather

Pre-K last two weeks: 

Letter: V, W

Religion: Palm Sunday, Jesus Washes Disciples' Feet, Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane
Themes: Wind/Kites and Weather

The students have been learning about many types of weather. We have had fun learning about windy weather for flying kites, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and sunny weather for playing outside! 

We made a tornado in our tornado tube. So cool!

The students made rainbows. We love to see rainbows after it rains. 

We made a thunderstorm during our science experiment time. 

The students loved playing with the pet shop this week. We had many vets taking care of the animals! 

The students have enjoyed making these magnetic letter pictures.

Healthy Food and Easter Fun!

Pre-K last two weeks: 

Letter: X

Religion: Peter's Denial, Jesus Before the Judges, Jesus' Death
Themes: Healthy Food and Easter

The students learned all about healthy food and how to take care of our bodies. They tried new foods from different food groups and drank milk and water to help their bones and muscles. We also celebrated Easter with fun Easter parties! 

 Ready to take patients at the hospital.
A "cool" new doctor is in town.

We did a great job singing "Jesus Loves Me" in Chapel to our family and friends at school. must have a broken foot.

 Playing a fun game of UNO and Diggity Dog.

 Our soap dispenser had a bug leak.
Getting ready to listen to her friend's heart beat. 

 Ready to take your order.
 Yummy, that sandwich looks good!

 Wow, that looks like a feast.

Still hungry?

 Cool creation.

We had lots of fun new fruits and vegetables. We learned that it's important to eat a variety of colors on our plate. We had fun "tasting the rainbow."

 Our ice cream shop is open. Hope fun to have a yummy treat!

 We had fun sorting out our jelly beans. We even got to graph the results.

 At our Easter party, we got to play a game of BINGO.

 How silly, we had an egg hunt. Each friend found an egg and Mrs. Koosman read what was in side the egg.
Do the crab walk. 

 Fly like a bird. 

Students enjoyed playing a memory game with lunch boxes. 

The students sorted and measured different fruits. The oranges were the heaviest! 

We colored fruits and vegetables. 

Many friends loved playing in the ice cream shop! Ice cream is a nice treat after we eat our healthy foods. 

We painted with different fruits and vegetables. We got to smell them as we painted. Some friends liked the smell of the onions and peppers. 

We drew pictures of ourselves growing big and strong! If we eat our healthy foods and drink milk and water, we'll grow big and strong! 

The students enjoyed trying different healthy foods. They marked on their paper whether they liked the food or not. They were all good at trying a little bit to see if they liked it. 

Some students colored their own 5 food groups plate. 

The students grocery shopped for healthy food and put it in their grocery bag. 

As a class, we sorted food into the 5 food groups. 

We've been enjoying playing rhythm sticks at school. 

Our friends do a great job praying to God and saying our pledges. We are learning so much! 

"Thumbs up" to trying healthy food this week!