Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Last Weeks of School

Last Weeks of Pre-K:

Students have been reviewing letters and numbers
Religion: Learning about Paul 
Themes: Gardening, Insects, Zoo

We've been having fun playing outside! 

We've been gardening! We grew our own grass seed.

After watering our seeds and putting them in the sunlight, they grew and grew! The friends gave the grass a haircut and took it home to grow some more. 


We prepared to go to the zoo by making animal crafts. We made lion masks and pretended to be lions! The students made a lion's den to live in. 

We acted out Daniel and the Lion's Den with our lion masks. We like theater!

We watched the flowers change colors as they drank the colored water. Fun science! 

Check out our grass! 

We had caterpillars in our classroom. They went into their chrysalis and they came out as beautiful butterflies! 

We let the butterflies go so they could explore the world! Good-bye butterflies! 

Thank you for a great year of Pre-K. We've had fun, made friends, and learned many things.
Enjoy the summer and we'll see you in the fall!

Mrs. Koosman and Mrs. Strohschein