Monday, January 13, 2020

Winter Fun!

We've been having lots of winter fun! 

Our theme at school right now is about the season of winter. We've been playing with snow in our sensory table, making snowmen art projects, pretending to ice fish in our tent, and going outside to play in the snow!

We painted with ice cubes. Brrr! When the blue and red ice cubes began to melt, the color turned purple! 

It's so much fun to play on the big snow hill!

We had fun playing on the playground - it's covered in snow!

We love ice fishing! 

We got to play with shaving cream. It was a good sensory activity! We smelled it, squished it, felt it, changed its color, wrote letters in it, and tried to make a snowman. 

We made fluffy snowmen and painted snowmen at the easel. 

We sequenced how to make a snowman. It was good sequencing practice! 

Time for some more fishing!