Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The 100th Day of Preschool!

100 days of school
100 days of fun
100 days of learning
but we're not even done!

100 days of letters
100 days of friends
100 days of activities,
where excitement never ends.
100 days went by fast,
we're growing up a ton.
From day 1 to 100,
we're proud of what we've done!




Penguin Day

Check out these cute penguins!! We had our penguin day back in January, but these pictures were too cute not to share!



Valentine's Day

 Our Valentine's Party was a BLAST! We frosted cookies, built towers to hold chocolate hearts, and exchanged valentines. It was a exciting day to share with each other!!








              How many chocolate hearts can fit on your tower?







                                        Frosting Cookies!!




                                       ...until next year!!